Don’t miss this epic new series. Starship Gilead is a space opera that’s perfect for fans of Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and Warhammer 40,000.

The war for the future began in the past…

Windham Manthus is the captain of the Starship Gilead, the most powerful vessel in the sector. He’s battled space pirates and territorial warlords in order to protect his people and his ship. His reputation as a laudable commander has spread across the galaxy, but rumors have begun that he’s losing his edge.

When a sect of fanatical cultists murder an entire colony in order to resurrect an ancient alien god, Windham’s skill is put to the test. He and his crew must battle an armada of enemy gunships and hostile space marines in order to protect Gilead and save the galaxy from total destruction.

Faced with a seemingly unwinnable battle, Windham must see how far he’s willing to go to protect his ship. Will he make a deal with his enemy? Is he willing to sacrifice his own daughter?

The galaxy is at war.

Windham Manthus is broken man. After two betrayals shattered his world, the captain of the Starship Gilead is obsessed with vengeance. He’s lost his only son, and he places the blame solely on the shoulders of Anton Gaines of the Starship Jericho. Windham will stop at nothing to settle the score, but his own daughter has begun to fear that he’s spiraling out of control.

As Gilead’s crew fight to restore their captain’s honor, an even greater threat is spreading war across the galaxy. World after world fall to this terrifying enemy who seems to wield an almost supernatural power. There is one man on board Gilead who knows how to stop this enemy, but Windham refuses to hear his council.

And out in the darkness of space, Gilead’s prodigal son is biding his time, ready to strike when the moment is right. When the battle is over and the dead have been counted, only one man will survive to lead Gilead into the future.

War has crossed the galaxy and Earth is the last battlefield.

Adrienne Manthus has lost everything: her father, her ship, and her love. Trapped behind enemy lines, she and a small contingent of space marines m
ust explore a desolate world in search of an ancient artifact that will give them a fighting chance against Kokabiel, the God-emperor who has conquered the galaxy. But without the Starship Gilead, how can Adrienne hope to make a stand against her tyrannical enemy?
Across the stars, Jeremy Manthus has stolen his father’s starship. He has spilled innocent blood and rules Gilead with an iron fist. But rebellion is fomenting among his crew, and Jeremy has lost sight of Gilead’s mission. How long will he be able to hold the captains throne when his sister returns to claim her birthright?
Millions of lives have been lost and the galaxy is in flames as the Starship Babylon finally arrives at Earth. There’s only one starship capable of defeating her, but will Gilead arrive in time? And who will be in command?

“Earth’s deep space future:  kings and barons rule colony worlds,  warship captains inherit command from their fathers, and a crusader fleet of alien-worshipping humans is slaughtering colonists to save their souls.  Starship Gilead is a richly textured space opera with action and intrigue for readers to immerse in. Think Game of Thrones meets Star Trek.”

—Karen Traviss
New York Times #1 Bestselling Author

“Take the action and intrigue of The Expanse or Marko Kloos’ Frontline novels, mix in the intricate world building of Game of Thrones or Warhammer 40,000, and you have an elevator pitch that doesn’t do Relics of Utopia proper justice. John Graves flings us headlong into a rich, wonderfully complex universe harboring a long, troubled history and populated with a vast array of engaging characters. Bursting with detail and furious with action, this first tale of the Starship Gilead gives you everything you didn’t even know you wanted from your military science fiction.”

—Dayton Ward
New York Times Bestselling Author